Height: 8 Inches; Width: 18 Inches


Grandma loves to brag about her babies no matter how old they get! These planked pine sign is so special to grandparents.

Continue changing the pictures as the little ones grow.
Our kids Great Granparents live in Florida and we are in Mass this is the perfect gift to continue sending them photos and keeping them up to date on how fast our kids are growing!

This sign is made in our small workshop in Massachuesettes with locally sourced Pine. 
-Stained in dark walnut stain
-White painted letters
-Jute is stapled to the back of the sign to hold the clothespins
-5 clothes pins are used on each sign.
-french cleat for hanging
-the photos pictured are each 4x6 in size. smaller photos can be used as well as larger ones.

Thank you, 
Felicia & Andrew Rego
Woodman Decor & More

Grandma's Brag Board