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 2023 Graduation Table Cutout and Signature Board, a perfect commemorative piece to celebrate the achievements of your favorite graduate. 


The centerpiece of this extraordinary table cutout is the student's name, masterfully crafted in stunning 3D. Each letter stands out prominently, showcasing the individual's accomplishment in a captivating manner. Made from high-quality 1/4 inch Birch wood, the cutout exudes a sense of durability and sophistication, ensuring it will remain a cherished memento for years to come.


This versatile piece also doubles as a signature board, providing an opportunity for family, friends, and loved ones to leave heartfelt messages and well wishes. As a graduation party centerpiece or a cherished addition to any mantelpiece, this signature board fosters lasting memories and serves as a testament to the graduate's incredible journey.


To enhance its display and convenience, the table cutout comes with an elegantly designed wooden stand that is seamlessly attached. The stand provides stability and allows the cutout to be showcased prominently on any flat surface. Its sturdy construction ensures the cutout remains securely in place, while its sleek design complements the overall aesthetic.

Whether you're searching for a remarkable graduation gift or planning a memorable graduation celebration, our 2023 Graduation Table Cutout and Signature Board is the perfect choice. Captivate everyone's attention with the personalized 3D name, create a lasting memento with heartfelt messages, and proudly display this exquisite piece on any tabletop or shelf.


Grad Table Signature Board

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