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Blankets taking over your floor?


You fold them, drape them over the couch an 5 minutes laters they are under you or on the floor!! 



65 inches tall x 16.5 inches wide with 5 slats for blankets


PRE-ORDER your ladder today!

Last chance for this winter to order ladders. We are making one more batch!


Order and gaurentee your ladder!

Options are stain, painted, Painted distressed. 
Colors for stains are in the photos above just let us know in the notes which you prefer.  


For painted ladders we can do black & Grey

For distressed ladders we can do Stain base with white distress or stain base with black distress. ( Please note each distressed ladder will be completely different. I make them all the same but the distressing is a new look each time)


2 weeks time from the date of purchase your ladder will be ready for pickup!


Blanket Ladder

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