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 Why we love what we do

Woodman Decor & More came to life over a year ago when I was trying to decorate my new home. I loved everything I saw at the store and well, our newly purchased home meant we were on a budget. I have always been crafty so I would look at something and say I can make that and my husband can look at something and figure out how to recreate it (thank the lord!). One thing led to another and we were getting custom orders for signs and custom pieces.


I love the creative freedom and my husband can make something out of nothing and we make a great team! Don’t get me wrong, we have our style differences for sure. I love rustic, raw, & distressed and he loves smooth, clean and all the special router edges! We love what we do and every piece comes from the heart and is made with our hands with love!


We ❤️custom orders and we love to see our customers photos of our items in  homes. Please feel free ask us any questions and post your photos and of course share with friends!


Thank you from Felicia and the Rego Family

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